Reweaving, Rewebbing, Restrapping

Patio Chair Reweaving, Rewebbing, and Restrapping

patio furniture reweaving

Known as patio furniture restrapping throughout the industry, patio chair reweaving and rewebbing is a repair method in which we replace all the worn, brittle, and faded vinyl straps with new 2", virgin vinyl strapping with UV and mildew inhibitors. Replacing the webbing or weaving of your patio chairs makes the piece safe for use again while restoring its original beauty.

Our restrapping, reweaving, and rewebbing process involves removing all of the original straps from the patio furniture frame. We then cut custom-size straps from rolls of new vinyl strapping in the color of your choice. We heat the vinyl straps to make them pliable, then attach them to the chair frame with solid-shank nylon rivets. We double-wrap the straps around the frame on each side to make sure that they are secure enough for use on commercial patios.

When it is time for patio chair reweaving, rewebbing, or restrapping, we recommend that you replace all the straps at the same time. The reason is that if one of the straps has broken or changed colors, the others will do the same very shortly, and it is less expensive and more convenient to restrap a patio chair all at once than to replace the straps one by one.

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