Commercial Patio Furniture

Frequently Asked Questions

I am trying to place an order online, but where do I tell you what colors I want my new commercial patio furniture to be?

You are actually just requesting a shipping quote, not placing an order. Once you approve our bid, we ask you for your colors and take your payment then.

Why do the straps stretch when I sit on my new patio furniture?

The straps are made from virgin vinyl, which is very supple when it is new. Don’t worry, the vinyl will become firmer in a week or two. If your problem persists for much longer, please let us know and we will be happy to find a solution for you.

Do you have a minimum purchase?

No, but please bear in mind that because we have to use freight lines, shipping for just one or two items may be just as costly as ordering a larger quantity.

Do you offer price matching on your outdoor furniture?

Absolutely! We work hard to offer our superb outdoor furniture at the best prices available, but if somebody beats us, we want to know about it!

Can I return the patio furniture that I order from you?

Generally, we do not accept returns for our custom commercial patio furniture, but we will review your request to find a great solution for everybody.

Will you make a sample piece for our board members to review?

Yes, if you give us the opportunity to bid on your job we would be happy to provide samples of our South Florida strap patio furniture in the colors requested.

Do you have a showroom?

No, we only have our manufacturing facility, but we do make sales calls to commercial and residential properties. We can bring along color and furniture samples if desired.

What if I receive my new pool furniture and it is damaged?

It is your responsibility to inspect your freight when it is delivered to you and note any damage found on the freight bill. If damage is found, a freight claim will have to be filed with the shipping company. If the claim is denied, furniture will have to be replaced at your own expense.

Do you have any references?

Yes! We have been in business for over 20 years and have earned a very devoted customer base. Please call for references.

Why should I buy from A & K Enterprise of Manatee, Inc.?

A & K Enterprise is a family owned patio furniture manufacturer based in Sarasota, FL. We take great pride in crafting quality aluminum pool furniture, which we sell direct to the public. The result is quality, commercial grade patio furniture at affordable prices right from the factory.

What is the difference between your patio furniture and the patio furniture at hardware and home stores?

Our patio furniture is designed to be used in commercial applications, such as at resorts, theme parks, etc, so each piece is built with safety and durability in mind. Our outdoor furniture is constructed from high grade aluminum, which is fully welded to ensure strength, does not rust, is lightweight, and features extra bracing. There are many types of outdoor furniture available but materials used and the quality of craftsmanship may vary greatly.

Do you take orders for custom furniture?

Yes, in fact, all of our furniture is custom made for each customer order. We make the aluminum frames in advance, but don’t powder-coat or strap the furniture until the colors have been decided upon and an order has been placed.

Do you sell replacement table tops?

Yes, we offer fiberglass, aluminum, and Acrylic patio tabletops. Please call for pricing and availability: 941-355-6363.

Do you have glass tabletops?

We do not offer glass table tops, but we do offer Acrylic table tops, which are semi-transparent and much safer than glass. The Acrylic table tops are 11" thick with a hammered finish.

Do the commercial patio tabletops come in different colors?

Yes, the fiberglass tabletops are available in any of the frame colors allowing for a matching base and top. A small additional charge may apply.

Is your commercial strap patio furniture stackable?

Yes, all of our Commercial Outdoor Chaise Lounges and Commercial Patio Chairs are stackable for easy storage!

Will my new patio furniture have a warranty?

Yes, please refer to our Commercial Patio FurnitureWarranty Page.

How do I clean my commercial strap patio furniture?

Regular cleaning with a mild dish detergent containing a degreaser (make sure that it does not contain bleach) and a brush every two to three weeks will help keep your commercial strap patio furniture looking new. The powder-coated aluminum frame of your commercial patio furniture should be waxed with a light, non-compound car wax. It is best to bring your commercial patio furniture in out of the sun when it is not in use.

Do you refinish patio furniture?

Yes, we do offer patio furniture refinishing. Our patio furniture refinishing truly restores your patio furniture to a like new condition at an affordable price.

What if I only want my strap patio furniture restrapped (re-strapped) and not repainted?

No problem, we offer re-strapping for local customers. Please call for details and pricing.

How do you ship?

For south Florida commercial patio furniture customers, we deliver your new strap patio furniture by our delivery truck or by semi-load. The minimum shipping charge is $150. Please make sure that your location can accomodate a semi truck for larger orders.