Commercial Patio Furniture

Commercial Patio Furniture Warranty

A & K Commercial Warranty

FRAME- 5 years against breakage or structural failure occurring during normal use.


  1. Damage is due to abuse or misuse
  2. Damage due to natural causes such as hurricanes, tornadoes, fires, etc


  1. 3 years against rivets pulling out of holes
  2. 1 year against strap breakage


  1. Damage brought on by suntan lotions, bleach, or other harmful chemicals
  2. Natural fading and normal wear and tear is unavoidable and therefore not covered under this warranty

FRAME COATING- 5 years against cracking, peeling, or blistering of powder-coating


  1. Not covered is damage caused by abrasive cleaners or other harmful solvents and chemicals
  2. Natural fading and normal wear and tear is unavoidable and therefore not covered under this warranty

TABLETOPS- Fiberglass and Acrylic table tops are not covered by warranty

RETURNS- Not accepted without prior written permission from authorized factory representative. The manufacturer retains the right to repair or replace furniture at its own discretion. Customer is responsible for freight charges to and from factory. Original sales receipt from authorized sales outlet must be presented at time of claim. Warranty not transferable.

Care and Maintenance of Commercial Patio Furniture

Improper care and maintenance will reduce the life of your new commercial strap patio furniture. Follow thes easy tips to ensure the longest possible use from you new furniture.

  1. Wipe away dirt, fallen leaves, pollen, or other debris with a soft rag immediately. Letting leaves or dirt remain on your furniture may result in scratches or stains. Consider placing a cover over your furniture when not in use.
  2. Remove commercial patio furniture from direct sunlight if not in use.
  3. Place a towel on the strap patio furniture before sitting or lying on it to reduce your patio furniture's exposure to sunscreen and body oils.
  4. Wash your outdoor aluminum patio furniture with soapy water every three weeks or more often if needed. Use a mild detergent and a soft rag or brush to clean the vinyl straps and aluminum frame. Get the pollutants, such as sunscreen or chlorine, off immediately.
  5. Wax the powder-coated aluminum patio furniture frame with a light, non-compound car wax. Buff out scratches on the frame with Soft Scrub® and a soft rag.
  6. Never expose your commercial patio furniture to salt water, chlorine, or bleach.
  7. Always use your strap commercial patio furniture for its intended purpose only. Do not stand on, flip over, lean back in, or otherwise abuse commercial patio furniture. To move commercial patio furniture, always pick it up, never dragging it across any surface.