Commercial Patio Furniture

Commercial Outdoor Furniture Specifications

All patio furniture purchased from is manufactured and assembled in Sarasota, FL by A & K Enterprise of Manatee, Inc.

All Outdoor Furniture features:

  • 5 Year Commercial Warranty on Frames, Powder-coat, and Nylon Rivets
  • Frame constructed of 1" round .063 aluminum tubing or 1 12" x 34" flat aluminum tubing

Round.jpg Flat.jpg

  • Full 360-degree radius, heli-arc welds
  • Extra aluminum support braces for heavy commercial use
  • 2" wide double-wrapped vinyl straps with built-in mildew inhibitors & UV stabilizers

Commercial Dining Chair Specifications


Overall Weight

10-15 lbs

Overall Height


Overall Width

22 12" -23 12"

Seat Width

19 12"

Seat Height


Seat Brace

One 1" tube brace maintains seat shape during heavy commercial use


Nylon Ball Glide

Commercial Chaise Lounge Specifications


Overall Weight

20 – 25 lbs (Varies by model)

Overall Length

78 34"

Overall Width

27 12"

Overall Height

41" (Headrest Up)

Seat Width


Seat Height

12", 14", 14 12", 16" (Varies by model)

Headrest width

20 12"

Headrest Construction

1" tubing attached to frame with stainless steel bolt and spacer to ensure strength and stability. Ratchet constructed of 14" solid extruded aluminum bar on 34" aluminum tubing.

Headrest Bracing

Two 1" braces maintain headrest shape under pressure and ensure that headrest won’t fall by defaulting to first ratchet position

Safety Rails

Ensure fingers won’t get pinched while adjusting headrest position

Body Braces

Two 1" round aluminum braces ensure safety by maintaining frame shape

Body Support Pins

Two 12" solid aluminum supports on each side of the lounge ensure strength and safety.


Comes with Aluminum Skid- 9 14" L x 12" W x 316" H
Nylon Skid *optional*- 312" L x 1" W x 34" H